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13 gague pvc dot glove; Work Gloves Anti-slip Knitted Stretchy Cloth Glove Thin Moist Glove Liners

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About this item

  • polyester & cotton blends

  • Thin Knitted Cotton & Poly Working Gloves Protect Your Hands from Eczema and Dry - COOHORN moist work gloves with thin knitted breathable fabric provide a strong armor for your hands and prevent hands get soggy with sweat inside in hot days during housework, fishing, woodworking, building, mechanical repairing, logistics handling, driving, painting and gardening

  • Home Work Gloves with Anti-slip Dots Coating for Extra Protection - PVC dots for durability and firm grip, and uncoated side for breathability and comfort. Designed with anti-slip dots palm, the protection work gloves can grip objects firmly without slipping.

  • Breathable, Moisturizing Poly & Cotton Blend Fabric - COOHORN working gloves have multiple excellent properties of softness, compact and elasticity. Small but super stretchy fabric ensure the gloves tightly wrap around the hands, suitable for fine work better,and fit a wide range size of hands which are in normal S,M & L size

  • Super Stretchy Gloves Fit Most Men & Women XS, S, & M Hands -The flexible, compact & pressed wear feeling ensure the gloves be ideal glove liners without redundant fabrics. Length: 8.66 inch. Flat Palm width: 3.94 inch. Middle finger length: 3.12inch. Note: If you have super large hands, please check the size infor. to make sure the gloves fit well

  • Bulk Pack Muti-function Reusable Work Gloves for Every Families - Machine Washable & quick dry. 12 pairs (24 pcs) cost-effective work gloves for long time use. Valuable & thoughtful gifts for your families. 12 Months Warranty are available

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Tel: +86 18053306210(whatsapp &wechat & viber )


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