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Garden Gloves Floral Gardening Gloves with Soft PVC Dots Gloves Women Working Yard Gloves for Yard Cleaning, Fishing, Gardening, Weeding, Planting, Watering

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About this item

  • What you get: you will get 4 pairs garden gloves of different styles, the size and quantity of garden gloves are enough for you and your family to use in gardening and other homework, nice gifts for protecting your hands

  • PVC dots and non-slip design: these floral gardening gloves have designed with non-slip PVC dots which can provide an extra grip to prevent your hands from slipping and maintain a good support, keep away your hands from dust and debris

  • Durable materials: our PVC dots cotton gloves are made of cotton and polyester, with high-density stitches, not easy to break, machine washable, durable, suitable for a variety of gardening tasks, and also good for work, cars, housework, etc.

  • Comfortable and breathable: the working yard gloves with woven wrists have good fit, soft and comfortable to wear, lightweight and breathable, providing good protection for your hands, very suitable for yard and gardening work

  • Widely applied: these gardening gloves are appropriate for planting, sowing, pruning, seeing, weeding, watering, fishing and more, they are also applied for car, furniture repair, fence painting, fishing, etc., whether they are working at indoors or outdoors, they can avoid skin injuries, dirty hands and nails

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QQ: 2282153788

Phone: +86 18053306210(whatsapp &wechat & viber )

Tel: +86 18053306210(whatsapp &wechat & viber )


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